Fact You Might Not Have Known About #JamesDean

Not long before his death, James Dean filmed a highway safety promotion for the television show “Warner Bros. Presents.” In it, he spoke with actor Gig Young, telling him that he used to be a reckless driver by speeding and taking chances. His advice to young motorists was “Take it easy driving. The life you save could be mine.”
James Dean sitting on his Porche Speedster in Los Angeles, California. Taken in 1955.
Marlon Brando at a party with James Dean.
James Dean picking up his groceries, Texas. Taken in 1955.
James Dean and his Silver Porsche 550 Spyder, hours before the fatal crash in 1955.
The aftermath of the car crash that caused the death of James Dean. Taken on September 30, 1955.
James Dean. Taken in 1955.
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