Fact You Might Not Have Known About #GoldenGateBridge

In August 1937, three months after the Golden Gate Bridge opened, H.B. Wobber strolled the span alongside a tourist he had just met on a bus. Wobber suddenly turned to his companion and said, “This is where I get off. I’m going to jump.” Despite the tourist’s attempt to stop him, Wobber threw himself over the side.
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, 1950s. Kodachrome by Chalmers Butterfield. Taken in 1950.
Building the Golden Gate. Taken in 1933.
Opening day – the Golden Gate Bridge was opened to pedestrians on May 27, 1937. The next day it officially opened to vehicular traffic.
Golden Gate Bridge under construction. Taken in 1937.
Man uses the suicide hotline on the Golden Gate Bridge.
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